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          Appliance Glass Enamels for Tempered Glass
          technical parameters Appliance Glass Enamels for Tempered Glass
          Solid content 78±3%
          Particle size ≤10μm
          Viscosity 400±100dPa.s/25±3℃(RION VT-04E)
          Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(CTE) (75~95)×10~7/K(50~300℃)
          screen printing 180~300mesh
          Operating temperature 25±2℃
          Operating humidity 50±10%
          Drying Condition 150℃/(3~5min)
          Firing Condition 650℃~720℃/10~2min
          Applicable to: furniture and appliance tempered glass, such as stove, frige, microwave and table etc.
            1. Wide sintering range
            2. Strong adhension
            3. Excellent acid and alkali resistance
            4.High opacity
            5.low coefficient of expansion
            6.good stability
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